The Best Lefthanded Batters and Lefthanded Pitchers in Baseball

Current Best Lefthanded Batters

2023 Season Updates - through games played August 31st

​Freddie Freeman is having another MVP caliber season for the Dodgers, with 111 runs scored, 179 hits, 51 doubles, 25 home runs, 89 runs batted in, and a .338 batting average.

Joey Votto missed the first half of the the Reds season with injuries, and is currently on the injured list again.  In 51 games played he has 13 home runs, 33 runs batted in, and a .200  batting average.

Charlie Blackmon has also been injured and has played in just 71 games of the Rockies, with 15 doubles, 7 home runs, 32 runs batted in and a .288 batting average

Anthony Rizzo has played in 99 games for the Yankees but is currently on the injured list.  He has 14 doubles, 12 home runs, 41 runs batted in and a .244 batting average

Bryce Harper opened the season on the injured list, but since his return he has played in 99 games for the Phillies and has 25 doubles, 15 home runs, 55 runs batted in and a .308 batting average

Christian Yelich has played in 129 games for the Brewers, with 94 runs scored, 30 doubles, 17 home runs, 68 runs batted in and a .281 batting average

Jason Heyward has 17 doubles, 13 home runs, 35 RBI and a .263 batting average in 102 games for the Dodgers 

Brandon Crawford has 10 doubles, 6 home runs, 32 RBI and a .194 batting average  in 78 games for the Giants 

Matt Carpenter has 11 doubles, 4 home runs, 29 RBI and a .174 batting average in 72 games for the Padres 

Mike Moustakis has 15 doubles. 12 home runs, 44 RBI and a .252 average in 75 games for the Rockies and Angels 

Brandon Belt has 22 doubles, 15 home runs, 37 RBI and a .250 batting average in 94 games for the Blue Jays 

David Peralta has 18 doubles, 7 home runs, 49 RBI in and a .270 batting average in 111 games for the Dodgers

Corey Seager has 35 doubles, 25 home runs, 80 RBI and a .346 batting average  in 90 games for the Rangers 

​​Joey Gallo has 9 doubles, 20 home runs, 38 RBI and a .176 batting average in 106 games for the Twins 

Kyle Schwarber has 16 doubles, 37 home runs, 85 RBI and a .188 batting average in 132 games for the Phillies 

Matt Olson has 24 doubles, 43 home runs, 112 RBI and a .268 batting average in 133 games for the Braves 

Andrew Benintendi has 29 doubles, 5 home runs, 39 RBI and a .272 batting average in 126 games for the White Sox 

Rafael Devers has 28 doubles, 29 home runs, 89 RBI and a .267 batting average in 126 games for the Red Sox 

Jeff McNeil  has 21 doubles, 6 home runs, 47 RBI and a .265 batting average in 133 games for the Mets

Juan Soto has 26 doubles, 25 home runs, 80 RBI, 113 walks and a .261 batting average  in 135 games for the Padres

Luis Arraez has 27 doubles, 5 home runs, 58 RBI and a .349 batting average in 128 games for the Marlins 

Alex Verdugo has 33 doubles, 12 home runs, 51 RBI and a .277 batting average in 121 games for the Red Sox 

Cody Bellinger has 23 doubles, 20 home runs, 77 RBI and a .315 batting average  in 103 games for the Cubs

Yordan Alvarez  has 18 doubles, 23 home runs, 77 RBI and a .292 batting average in 87 games for the Astros

Kyle Tucker has 30 doubles, 26 home runs, 97 RBI and a .292 batting average in 131 games for the Astros 

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