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The Best Lefthanded Batters and Lefthanded Pitchers in Baseball

Aroldis Chapman

Current Best Lefthanded Relief Pitchers

Aroldis Chapman has pitched 11 years in the majors, 6 years with Cincinnati, and the last 5 years with the New York Yankees.  He was not the closer in his first 2 years with the Reds, but when he moved into that role in 2012 he had 38 saves with a 1.51 ERA, and 122 strikeouts and only 23 walks in 71 innings.  He followed that with 38 more saves in 2013, 36 more in 2014, and 33 more in 2015. 

Chapman split the 2016 season between the Cubs and the Yankees, and had another 36 saves and a 1.55 ERA.  He was injured part of 2017 but still managed 22 saves.  He came back strong for the Yankees with 32 saves in 2018 and another 37 in 2019.  He missed a good part of 2020 with injuries, but is ready to go strong in 2021.

Chapman is still one of the hardest throwers in the game, and has 905 strikeouts in 547 innings pitched.  He has 276 saves (3rd among active pitchers and 34th all-time), and has 7 years with 30 saves or more.  He also has a career Earned Run Average of 2.25.  He has been an All-Star 6 times, including 2012-2015 in the NL, and 2018-2019 in the AL.