The Best Lefthanded Batters and Lefthanded Pitchers in Baseball

​​​Other Lefthanded Pitchers Currently in MLB

Gio Gonzalez has pitched 12 years in the majors, including 4 years with Oakland, 7 with Washington, and 2 with Milwaukee.  He starts the 2020 season with the Chicago White Sox.  He won 21 games with 207 strikeouts and a 2.89 Earned Run Average and in 2012.  Overall he has 130 wins, with 99 losses and a 3.68 ERA, and 1826 strikeouts in 1901 innings pitched.

J.A. Happ has pitched 13 years in the majors, including 6 years with Toronto and the rest with 5 different teams, and is currently with the New York Yankees.  He won 20 games with only 4 losses in 2016 with Toronto.  Overall he has 121 wins, 82 losses and a 3.90 ERA, with 1357 strikeouts in 1530 innings pitched. ​

Blake Snell has pitched 4 years in the majors, all with the Tampa Bay Rays.  AHe two seasons, he won the A.L. Cy Young Award in 2018, winning 21 games with only 5 losses and 1.89 Earned Run Average. 

Wade Miley has pitched 9 years in the majors, the first 4 with Arizona and the rest with 5 other teams.  He has 85 wins and 82 losses and a 4.23 earned run average in 245 starts.

Derek Holland has pitched 11 years in the majors, the first 8 with Texas, and the rest with 3 other teams.  He has 78 wins and 78 losses in 1375 innings pitched.

Mike Minor has pitched 8 years in the majors, the first 5 with Atlanta, then 1 with Kansas City and 2 with Texas.  He has 70 wins and 60 losses and a 3.90 earned run average.

Rich Hill has pitched 15 years in the majors with a total of 8 teams.  He has 65 wins and only 42 losses for a .607 win-loss percentage, with 1004 strikeouts in 971 innings in 156 starts and 128 more relief appearances.

Jose Quintana has pitched 8 years in the majors, first with the Chicago White Sox and now with the Cubs.  He has 83 wins and 77 losses and a 3.72 earned run average in 1485 innings pitched.

Patrick Corbin has pitched 7 years in the majors, 6 with Arizona and 1 with Washington.  He has 70 wins and 61 losses with a 3.80 earned run average, and 1135 strikeouts in 1147 innings pitched.

Current Best Lefthanded Pitchers