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The Best Lefthanded Batters and Lefthanded Pitchers in Baseball

Major League Baseball Awards

The Most Valuable Player Award has been awarded every year since 1931, one for the National League and one for the American League.  The winner is voted on by members of the Baseball Writers of America.  While it often goes to the player with the best statistical season, it is more likely to go to a player who is on a pennant winning or contending team, rather than a player on a losing team.

There have been eighty-eight Most Valuable Player Award Winners in the American League, and eighty-nine in the National League (due to a tie in 1979).  The American League MVP has been won twenty-five times by lefthanded batters (including three times by Yogi Berra) and six times by lefthanded pitchers.  The National League MVP has been won twenty-three lefthanded batters (including seven times by Barry Bonds and three times by Stan Musial) and four times by lefthanded pitchers.  Click here for a complete list of lefthanded winners

The Cy Young Award has been awarded to the “best pitcher” in baseball, also voted by members of the Baseball Writers of America, since 1956.  For the first eleven years there was just one winner (National League and American League combined).  Starting in 1967, there has been one winner for each league.

In those first eleven years, lefthanded pitchers won the award five times (Sandy Koufax won three of them).  There have been fifty-one Cy Young Award Winners in the National League, and fifty-two winners in the American League (due to a tie in 1969).  The National League Cy Young has been won sixteen time by lefthanded pitchers (including four times by Randy Johnson, four times by Steve Carlton, and three times by Clayton Kershaw).  The American League Cy Young has been won fifteen times by lefthanded pitchers (two times by Johan Santana and one time each by fourteen different pitchers).  Click here for a complete list of lefthanded winners.



Most Valuable Player and Cy Young Awards