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The Best Lefthanded Batters and Lefthanded Pitchers in Baseball

Nick Markakis recently retired after playing 15 years in the majors, 9 with the Baltimore Orioles and then 6 with the Atlanta Braves.  Through 2020 he had has played in 2154 games, and has 2388 hits, 1119 runs scored, 514 doubles, 189 home runs, 1046 runs batted in, and a .288 batting average.  He made the all-star team on 2018 and he won the Gold Glove Award for fielding excellence in the outfield three times.  

​Daniel Murphy recently retired after playing 12 years in the majors, 7 years with the New York Mets, then time with Washington and the Chicago Cubs before his last 2 with the Colorado Rockies.  He is a 3 time All-Star with a .296 lifetime batting average (5 times over .300 including a .347 average in 2016.  He also has 1572 hits, 371 doubles, and 735 runs batted in.

Robinson Cano is a right-handed throwing second-baseman who has played 16 years in the majors, 9 with the New York Yankees, 5 with the Seattle Mariners, and now 2 with the New York Mets.  He has played in 2234 games, including 150 or more in 11 consecutive years.  He has 2624 hits, 1257 runs scored, 571 doubles, 334 home runs, 1302 runs batted in, and a .303 batting average.  He is an 8 time All-Star, and Just a few years ago, he was a sure bet to make the Hall of Fame when his career was over.  But two suspensions for using Performance Enhancing Drugs have cost him a lot of playing time and hurt his reputation.

Recently Retired

Shin-Soo Choo is a lefthanded throwing outfielder with 16 years in the majors, the past 7 years with the Texas Rangers.  He has played in 1652 games with 1671 hits, 339 doubles and a .275 batting average.

Jay Bruce is a lefthanded throwing outfielder with 13 years in the majors, 9 with Cincinnati and the past 2 with Philadelphia.  He has played in 1640 games with 1451 hits, 311 doubles, 318 home runs (124th all-time), and 948 RBI.  He has hit more than 20 home runs 11 times, with 5 of them being 30 or more).

Mike Moustakis is a righthanded throwing infielder with 10 years in the majors, mostly with Kansas City and the past 2 with Cincinnati.  He has 1073 hits, 235 doubles, 190 home runs, and 588 runs batted in.

Kyle Seager is a righthanded throwing thirdbaseman with 10 years in the majors, all with Seattle.  He has 1267 hits, 280 doubles, 207 home runs, including 20 or more 8 straight years until 2020) and 706 runs batted in.  

Chris Davis is a righthanded throwing infielder and outfield with 13 years in the majors, the past 10 with Baltimore.  He has 295 home runs, including 53 in 2013 and 47 in 2015, and 780 runs batted in (138 in 2013).​

Other Veteran Lefthanded Batters

​Current Best Lefthanded Batters

Joey Votto is a right-handed throwing first-baseman who has played 14 years with the Cincinnati Reds.  He has played in 1771 games and has 1908 hits, 1041 runs scored, 412 doubles, 295 home runs, 966 runs batted in, and a .304 batting average.  His .419 on base % and .517 slugging % are among the all-time leaders.  He is a six time All-Star and won the National League MVP in 2010.  Votto was also considered a likely future Hall of Famer, but since the beginning of 2018 he has lost his power his numbers are in decline.

Veterans Approaching Career Milestones