The Best Lefthanded Batters and Lefthanded Pitchers in Baseball

Lefty vs Righty Strategy

Baseball uses lefthanded pitchers to counter left-handed batters, 
and often platoons lefthanded batters and right-handed batters for stategic advantage.

Switch-Hitters in Baseball

Lefthanders In The Baseball Hall of Fame​

​17 of the 71 pitchers in the Baseball Hall of Fame are left-handed pitchers. 
71 of the 172 position players in the Baseball Hall of Fame are lefthanded batters.​

​​​​Why Aren't There More Lefthanders Playing Baseball?

There are more lefthanders playing baseball than there are in most other sports, 
but obstacles and bias still prevent more left-handers from playing the game.​

Lefthanded Baseball

Clayton Kershaw, Madison Bumgarner,
David Price and Chris Sale are among the

 Current Best Lefthanded Pitchers

 Many other left-handed pitchers rank high among
the active leaders in pitching statistics.​

​​​​Warren Spahn, Sandy Koufax, Steve Carlton,
Tom Glavine, and Randy Johnson are among the

All Time Best Lefthanded Pitchers

  Many other left-handed pitchers rank high among
the all time leaders in pitching statistics.

​​Lefthanders Playing The Field

There are no lefthanded catchers, second-basemen, shortstops, or third-basemen 
in major league baseball.  At all levels of baseball, players who throw left-handed
are only allowed and encouraged to play pitcher, first-base, or outfield.

Lefthanded Gold Glove Awards Winners

Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Stan Musial, 
Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr. are among the

All Time Best Lefthanded Batters 

Many other lefthanded batters rank among 
the all time leaders in batting statistics

Robinson Cano, Joey Votto, Joe Mauer
and Nick Markakis are among the 

Current Best Lefthanded Batters

 Many other left-handed batters rank high among
the active leaders in batting statistics.