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The Best Lefthanded Batters and Lefthanded Pitchers in Baseball

Other Veteran Lefthanded Starting Pitchers

J.A. Happ joins the Minnesota Twins for 2021, after 14 years in the majors with six different teams.  He had 20 wins and only 4 losses for Toronto in 2016, and he had 17 wins and only 6 losses for Toronto and New York in 2018.  Overall he has 123 wins, 92 losses and a 3.98 ERA, with 1539 strikeouts in 1741 innings pitched. ​

Wade Miley enters 2021 in his 2nd year with Cincinnati after 9 prior years in the majors with 6 different teams.  He has started 30 games or more in 7 different years, and has 85 wins and 85 losses with a 4.24 ERA, with 1127 strikeouts in 1418 innings pitched.

Jose Quintana joins the LA Angels for the 2021 season after 9 years in the major split between the White Sox and the Cubs.  He has 83 wins and 77 losses and a 3.72 ERA in 1485 innings pitched.

Derek Holland joins the Detroit Tigers for 2021, after 12 years in the majors with 5 different teams.  He has 79 wins and 81 losses with a 4.61 ERA, with 1190 strikeouts in 1416 innings pitched.

Patrick Corbin starts his 3rd year in Washington after 6 years with Arizona.  He has 72 wins and 68 losses with a 3.84 ERA, and 1195 strikeouts in 1213 innings pitched.

Mike Minor rejoins the KC Royals for 2021 after 9 years in the majors with 3 other teams.  He has 71 wins and 66 losses with a 3.98 ERA, with 1048 strikeouts in 1152 innings pitched.

Rich Hill joins the Tampa Bay Rays for 2021, after 16 years with 9 different teams.  He has 67 wins and 44 losses for a .607 win-loss % and a 3.79 ERA, with 1035 strikeouts in 976 innings pitched.

Danny Duffy has pitched 10 years in the majors, all with Kansas City.  He has 64 wins and 64 losses with a 4.02 ERA, with 983 strikeouts in 1111 innings pitched.

Brett Anderson starts his 2nd year with Milwaukee after 11 previous years with 5 different teams.  He has 63 wins and 65 losses with a 4.06 ERA, with 714 strikeouts in 1044 innings pitched.

Hyun Jin-Ryu starts his 2nd year with Toronto after 6 years with the Dodgers.  He has 59 wins and 35 losses with a 2.95 ERA, with 737 strikeouts in 807 innings pitched.

James Paxton rejoined Seattle for the 2021 season, (2 years with the Yankees after his first 6 with Seattle).  He has 57 wins and 33 losses with a 3.58 ERA, with 829 strikeouts in 753 innings pitched.

Blake Snell joins the San Diego Padres for 2021 after 5 years with Tampa Bay.  He won the A.L. Cy Young Award in 2018 while winning 21 games with only 5 losses and a 1.89 ERA.  Snell has 42 wins and 30 losses with a 3.24 ERA, and 648 strikeouts in only 556 innings.

Marco Gonzalez starts his 5th season with Seattle after 2 years with St. Louis.  He has 41 wins and 27 losses with a 4.09 ERA, wiht 420 strikeouts in 516 innings pitched.

Max Fried starts his 5th season with Atlanta, after posting a 7 wins-0 loss record for the Braves in 2020.  He has 26 wins, 11 losses, and a 3.52 ERA, with 289 strikeouts in 281 innings pitched.